Values outlined by the Ohio Family and Children First continue to positively influence Ohio’s public policy regarding families and their children. These same values, outlined below, also guide Appalachian Family and Children First Council in our commitment to providing Lawrence County Families better access to services and effective service coordination:

  • Children have the right to live with their own family
  • Children have the right to be nurtured and protected in a stable family environment
  • When children are at risk of harm, the community has the responsibility to intervene
  • Families are our community’s most important resource and must be respected, valued, and encouraged to build upon their strengths
  • The racial, cultural and ethnic heritage of children and the neighborhoods where they live are respected and supported as strengths. Ethnic and racial child-rearing practices are valued
  • Families have the right and responsibility to participate in identifying their concerns, priorities, and needed resources.
  • Families have a right to individualized service provision that addresses the multiple needs of their children.